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Roy: Green Not Probing; Big Three Still Undecided

Meanwhile the draft gets deeper and deeper pushing all three to the very back of the 1st round if not the second.

From ACC Now:

North Carolina coach Roy Williams said today that Tyler Hansbrough, Wayne Ellington and Ty Lawson have still not made final decisions about this year's NBA Draft.

"We're not finished, and we'll definitely have something before Sunday ... I met with a couple of them today and we're still going through the process," Williams said before a Tar Heel Tour stop in Cary.

He said the process has been harder than previous ones because "instead of talking to 10 teams about Brandan Wright, you're talking to 10 teams about three different players. So, it's been by far, the most exhaustive research — there's no question about that."

Contrary to Internet reports, Williams said that junior Danny Green has not been part of the process. Underclassmen must declare for the draft by midnight Sunday.

So Green is not thinking about jumping as previously reported by DraftExpress so we can put that one to rest.  As for the Big Three, I agree with something Carolina Girl said earlier: Tyler has earned the right to do whatever he wants.  That is not to say Lawson and Ellington do not have the right to declare for the draft if they choose but based on the information I have seen in published reports and the deep, deep list of names in this draft I am not sure why either one of them would even be thinking about it.  It is crystal clear that Ellington and Lawson are borderline 1st round picks which is the difference between knowing for sure you get paid and risking that you will not.  Coming back and entering a weaker draft next season has a more promising look to it for both.

My sense then is the two guard are probably staying. This leads me to conclude, based Gene Hansbrough's assertion that his son is still undecided, that they are waiting his decision and make the annoucement all at once instead of doing it piecemeal.  If one or two of them make their intentions known now it hangs the other(s) out to dry and pressures them unecessarily.

Roy said something about Sunday[Edit: He actually said "before Sunday" as pointed out by an astute reader] but I cannot honestly believe this will get to Sunday before we hear something concrete.[Which is still correct.] The hot message board rumor at present is a Friday announcement with two staying and one declaring without an agent.

The wait continues...