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Some Actual Meat to Chew On

Two items have piqued our interest this morning.

First of all, Gene Hansbrough, father of Tyler Hansbrough as told WRAL that the consensus player of the year is undecided about his future.  That is not really surprising and one thing that is often missed with Hansbrough is the only reason to return has to do with personal and team glory i.e. breaking records and winning a title.  His draft stock is going to stay where it is for the most part.

Secondly, DraftExpress has info on three Tar Heel players but not the three you think.

Ty Lawson- Sources with knowledge of the situation claim that Lawson will return to North Carolina next season, as he is not satisfied with where he’s being projected to be drafted—in the late first to early second round. He’s been moved to our 2009 mock draft.

Tyler Hansbrough- Sources close to the situation tell us that Hansbrough will likely enter his name in the draft without an agent and try to help his stock with a strong showing at the Orlando pre-draft camp. He’s currently projected to be drafted in the 20’s, although it’s not quite clear how much another year of college basketball will help him in the short or long-term.

Danny Green- Is reportedly strongly considering testing the waters without an agent.

What?  Danny Green?  Actually I heard Green's name bantered about right after UNC lost to Kansas but I dismissed it because I was under the impression he was not looking to enter the draft.  This sounds like he wants to go through the process and see what shakes out.  There is also the issue with his father being in prison and who knows how that is affectiing his decision since he might be looking to get to the NBA and earn some money assuming his stock goes up.  If Lawson returns because he is unhappy with his status that is an encouraging sign since he (1) made a smart move (2) you know for sure he is going to play his rear end off next season to impress people. As for Hansbrough this information confirms the idea that his stock is not going to improve with another season so he is inclined to see what kind of waves he can make during the process and if it works out he is gone, if not he will return.

Still no news on Ellington's intentions