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UNC To Play Michigan State....Again

The schedule for the ACC's Annual Thrashing of the Big Ten was released today and UNC play Michigan State at Ford Field on December 3rd. Anyone know where the 2009 Final Four is being played at? Anyone? How about Ford Field. Perhaps playing a game there during the season will help the Heels should they end up back there next April. It is too early to tell what kind of team Michigan State will have back and UNC is waiting on the Big Three to decide. It should be noted that one player we know for sure we will see on the Spartan bench is freshman Delvon Roe who everyone thought was heading to Chapel Hill before declaring for MSU.

Another interesting note about the annual thrashing. NC State has been left off the schedule which I find odd.[Edit: And apparently I am the only one since it slipped my mind NCSU was excluded because they did a stellar job losing their final eight games of the regular season to finish last in the ACC]