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UNC vs Kansas: Game Thread

Psycho T is here.

If UNC is going to win the national title it will be against the toughest Final Four ever. There are tons of questions for this one. Will Green and Ellington shoot the ball worth a darn? Will we see "beep-beep" Lawson? How well will Deon Thompson play? Can the defense step up huge. Tyler Hansbrough will bring his game but will enough help be there to push the Heels win?

Time to make it happen.


9:07 PM: Heels down five.  UNC needs to settle down.  Kansas has come out in this game with a great deal of energy, probably adrenaline based. UNC just needs to play smart and I think Kansas will come back to them.

9:21 PM: Heels down 13. This is all about the Kansas defense.  Unless UNC solves that this game might be over.

9:31 PM: Heels down 26.  I am not sure they can come back down 26 against a team like Kansas.

9:44 PM: Heels down 21. Okay here is the deal.  Three things about Kansas right now: (1) They used a lot of energy to build the lead which means they may tire. (2) They cannot possibly continue the hot shooting and (3) Possible foul trouble.  If the Heels can run off some points and get deficit down they might have a shot to get back into in the 2nd half.  I do stress "might" in a huge way there.

HALFTIME: Heels down 17.  I think Kansas will get tired and get some foul trouble the question is will UNC be in any kind of position to rally back to win the game.  There is a small margin of error and this game might get determined in the first five minutes of the 2nd half.

10:20 PM: Heels down 14.  Not as good a start as I hoped for.  I was looking for closing it to about ten.  That being said UNC has the ball out of the TO and Kansas has two players with three fouls.  If they can score to cut it to 12 or 11 I think the mental game might hurt Kansas.

10:31 PM: Heels down 8.  Don't sleep on NC.  Kansas looks like they are scared and tired.

10:33 PM: Heels down 6. This team has no quit in them.  If they can keep doing what they are doing I think they can win.

10:41 PM: Heels down 5. I think the Heels are in control a bit but it would be nice to pull off another run.  They need to keep this game about where it is at and then at the right moment run off 8-10 points and get the lead.

10:53 PM: Heels down 12.  Sigh.  It is not over but the hole may have been too deep.

10:58 PM: Heels down 17.  Hole was too big in the end.