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We Will Know Something Tonight?[UPDATED]

UPDATE: Fellow Tar Heel blogger Jackie Manuel's Posse is reporting that he has reliable information which points to a potential announcement this evening that Tyler Hansbrough and Ty Lawson are returning to UNC next season with Wayne Ellington still mulling his options. We will see.

UNC will have it's team awards banquet tonight at the Smith Center starting at 7 PM. It is free to the public should anyone want to attend. Last season, Ty Lawson and Tyler Hansbrough made their decision to stay UNC known which has many anticipating a similar annoucment tonight or in the very near future. We do know based on recent media reports that Lawson and Hansbrough have not discussed the issue with their parents. According to Lawson's mother they have not talked about it indicating "right now" he was returning. Gene Hansbrough says they have discussed "[Tyler's] anatomy test and his broken cell phone" but not his decision to stay or not. The elder Hansbrough also indicated it was totally up to his son on whether to enter the draft or not which is always nice to see.

Anyway, all eyes with be on Chapel Hill tonight hoping for a decision. If not the analysis of voice inflections and body language will consume the message boards well into tomorrow.