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Which Rumor Do You Want To Believe?

For the record here is what we have on the rumor mill:

  • Hansbrough and Lawson returning, Ellington on the fence.
  • Hansbrough returning, Lawson going, Ellington on the fence.
  • Lawson and Ellington meeting with agents and therefore going pro and Hansbrough returning.
  • All three leaving
  • All three returning
  • Bobby Frasor not returning to pursue a career in television*

One thing I find intresting is, except for the rumor that all three are leaving, no one is discussing Hansbrough as leaving the way Lawson and Ellington are discussed. I really do not know what to make of that other than people simply believe he is coming back. Period.

*No Frasor is not leaving to do television but if you have 36 minutes check out the end of season video shown at the awards banquet on Thursday. Frasor has a prominent role and watching Roy jump around in the locker room with the players after wins is fairly amusing.