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ACC Basketball Schedule Expansion

The ADs are desperate to lift the leagues NCAA Tournament profile but I am not sure this will get it done.

Despite being #1 in the RPI, the ACC only had four teams in the NCAA Tournament.  This concerns the league ADs to the point they are discussing expanding the basketball schedule to 18 games.

According to Jerry Palm of it will actually hurt the league RPI since it lowers the overall record of the league. It also should be noted that since the league is seen as weak right now, two more games within conference is not going to bolster the NCAA case much.

Seth Greenberg, who is pretty much desperate to do something as long as it gets his team off the bubble thinks the coaches need an open mind on the issue despite the fact they all opposed it last year when it was broached.  I think the chances of Roy and K agreeing to this are between slim and none which probably stands to effectively kill it.

Speaking for myself, I am a traditionalist and would love to see a full round robin but there is no way they are going to switch to a 22 game conference schedule.  I am also not sure adding to more games, while closer to the round robin, is worth it.

Then again if they could simply have UNC play the other seven 1980s ACC schools twice and only have the Heels play BC, Miami, VT and FSU once each then I would be all for the ACC expanding to 18 games.