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Chad Ford Mock Draft: Lawson 20th

Lawson's position seems to be improving.

The NBA Draft Lottery was held Tuesday night with the Chicago Bulls overcoming a 1.7% chance to grab the #1 pick.  It also means the draft order has been officially set, not that it matters to the UNC draft propsects since they are outside the lottery.'s Chad Ford lays out his mock draft taking into account team needs and has Lawson as the 20th pick by the Denver Nuggets which is in line with the Denver Post article from last week.

The skinny: The Nuggets need a floor leader who can push the ball up and down the floor. While Lawson has his weaknesses, he should be an excellent fit in George Karl's up-tempo system.

Lawson is probably better going at this point in the draft and if George Karl is running an up-temp style then Ford is correct, Lawson is the kind of PG you need.  Since the Nuggets are bringing Lawson in for a workout we can safely assume he is high on their list.

Wait and see mode continues.