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Danny Green News

From the ever talkative elder Green.

From ACC Now:

UNC basketball player Danny Green hasn't received his official NBA pre-draft camp invitation yet but expects to get it this week, his father said Tuesday.

"To my knowledge, he has been invited, he just hasn't received the paperwork in the mail yet," Danny Green Sr. said.

Green is one of three underclassmen from UNC, along with sophomores Ty Lawson and Wayne Ellington, to enter his name into the draft but not hire an agent, leaving open the possibility of a return to school.

Efforts to reach the parents of Lawson and Ellington were not immediately successful, but they are also expected to receive invitations to the pre-draft camp in Orlando, which begins May 29.


The NBA allows individual workouts with teams after the camp. Green Sr. said at least three teams have already shown interest in working out his son — Washington, San Antonio and Cleveland.

Underclassmen have until June 16 to withdraw their names. Green Sr. said his son will only remain in the draft if he has a guaranteed contract (meaning he is a first-round draft pick).

Not to get into bashing the father here but I find it interesting how willing he is to discuss all of this.  I am betting the reason Ellington and Lawson's respective parents could not be reached is because they are playing things close to the vest.  In the case of Green, Sr. he seems more than willing to openly discuss which may or may not be a good idea.

Anyway, the condition for Green's return to Chapel Hill has been set at whether or not he is a first round pick or not.  We are also given the names of three teams scheduling workouts with Green: Washington, Cleveland and San Antonio.  Quite frankly I do not see any of those teams spending a 1st round pick on Green unless he does something that boggles the mind in the workout.

And apparently waiting for your draft camp paperwork takes as long as receiving your tax rebate from the IRS.