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Denver Interested In Lawson?

According to the Denver Post, he is on their radar:

Denver will not stand pat. With a draft choice late in the first round, it's believed the Nuggets are eyeing North Carolina point guard Ty Lawson. The team also is known to have recently scouted young European center Marc Gasol, currently property of the Memphis Grizzlies and a prospect who might be ready to emerge from the shadow of his big brother with the Lakers.

Denver owns the 20th pick in the draft which would be enough to keep Lawson in the draft. I also think that information like this is what Roy Williams gets when he talks to various teams meaning when these guys declare they are aware of interest from certain scouts. Fans often assume that the mock drafts and ESPN analysis is all the players are using to decide. In the case of Tar Heel players, Roy talks to a lot of people and probably gets assessments similar to this one. And we can safely assume Denver was one of the 18 teams Roy spoke with since UNC alum George Karl is the head coach there.

Obviously this process has a ways to go but an interesting "nugget" nonetheless.