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Draft Camp Update: 2nd Day

Lawson looked good, Ellington not so much, Green is hurt.

And that about sums it up and Roy was there!  No word on whether he and Green kissed and made up.

I have read a variety of reports and it appears Ty Lawson showed up with his pre-Ryan Reid take down form.  And yes that pisses me off, not directed at Lawson but just over the fact it happened and denied UNC the opportunity to make their NCAA run with the point guard that played so well today.  As a result I am placing Ryan Reid on the Tar Heel Fan Grudge List fairly close to the top with Dan Dakich and the Boston College player that intentionally fouled Derrick Phelps in 1993 1994.  But I digress.

Post workout comments for Lawson and Wayne Ellington are here.  Lawson has the number 20 in mind as his cutoff for the draft.  Since Denver is interested in him it may come down to whether they want him or not though he does have six workouts planned and all six are 20 or higher.

Wayne Ellington on the other hand had a fairly bad day in the Duke at Chapel Hill sort of way.  Ellington apparently did not shoot the ball well and while he is quoted as saying he is not concerned because it is one game, I can only imagine this sets his stock back a but considering is not being projected in the 1st round at present.  Then again Ellington has always been kind of streaky and there is a lot basketball left to play so we will see if things improve for him.

Only one additional comment on Green who I covered in an earlier post.  I was critical of him for airing the dirty laundry between him and Roy.  I stand by that but having listened to the audio the "spat with Roy" angled was pushed on Green at least twice. I have no idea who it was nor do I care but for as much as Green needs to do a better job of focusing his answers on the camp, the media guys could maintain the same focus.  Granted that probably does not generate as many juicy tidbits as getting Green to ramble on about Roy not wanting him to test the waters though.