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Draft Watch(5/7)

Checking a couple of mock drafts to see how things stand.

Draft Express posted a new 2008 NBA Mock Draft on Tuesday.  Here is where the three Tar Heels with their names in the ring are positioned.

Ty Lawson: 1st round, 28th.

Wayne Ellington: 2nd round, 12th(42nd overall)

Danny Green: NOT LISTED.

Lawson is up one spot from the last mock draft by these guys and Ellington is down two spots. also had a new mock draft out this week with a totally different take where Lawson and Ellington are concerned.  Not Green, he still is not on the list.

Ty Lawson: 2nd round, 4th(35th overall)

Wayne Ellington: 1st round, 25th.

Danny Green: NOT LISTED

I am not sure what standard the latter is using but that seems to be completely opposite of what everyone else is saying.  The general talk seems to agree more with Draft Express than when it comes to the positions for Lawson and Ellington.  The fact no one I have seen has Green listed makes his decision more peculiar by the minute and also worries me we will soon see an agent hired by his father to "help improve his draft position."  As it stands right now I am not sure he will be going to Orlando and if he doesn't then what is the point?