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Green "Limping Badly"[UPDATED]

UPDATE: IC talked to Danny Green following the game. He basically said the ankle was injured three weeks ago playing a pickup game and it tweaks now and again. And in all honesty, what do you expect? This is the year of the injury at UNC, it just took a while longer to get around to Green. Seriously, he still plans to push forward and by all accounts he played pretty well before he tweaked the ankle and was hobbled. Of course no Danny Green interview he gives now is complete without delving into breakdown between him and Roy Williams. Dude, let it go already. Do you really have to discuss it every time you talk to the media now?

According to WRAL's Jay Jennings on site at the draft camp, Danny Green is "limping badly" while playing in the day's first game. This echos what is being said on the Inside Carolina premium message board. Depending on the severity of the injury, Green might be done at Orlando and I imagine looking very hard at returning to Chapel Hill since there is no way he can showcase his skills if he is hurt. The left ankle injury was previous mentioned by Jonathan Givoy of Draft Express who observed Green working out near his home in New York.