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Hatchell Stays With The Real Thing

As in the real Carolina not those wannabes in Columbia.

Sylvia Hatchell listened to South Carolina and decided to stay in Chapel Hill.

From ACC Now:

"After several conversations with [UNC athletic director Dick] Baddour, I have decided to withdraw my name from consideration," she said in a statement. "North Carolina is my home and I convinced that the support is here for us to continue as one of the top programs in the country.

Allow me to translate.

After several conversations with [UNC athletic director Dick] Baddour during which he piled several stacks of $100 bills on the table I have decided to withdraw my name from consideration"

Okay, perhaps that is a bit cynical.  After all there are plenty of reasons to stay at UNC not the least of which is UNC is not South Carolina.

And can we please take a moment to note that for as much grief as the message board and I have given Dick Baddour over the hiring situations in the past for football and basketball, he very much seems to have worked past that and this athletic department is one the strongest in the country top to bottom.  Not only is UNC a power in baseball and both basketball teams but also in all the other sports we generally do not pay much attention to during the year.  There are high hopes football can get back on track under Butch Davis and in general the UNC athletic department continues to win across the board and bring in money hand over fist.  When you compare that to the way Lee Fowler is running the NCSU athletic department marked by only a smattering of ACC titles, none in the major sports, you quickly realize that after a rough start with the Bunting and Torbush hires and the Doherty era, Baddour has found his legs and the good ship Tar Heel is sailing full steam ahead.