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Heels Finish Draft Camp

Next up: Individual workouts.

The final day of draft camp ended on Friday with only Wayne Ellington actually playing.  Ellington tallied 10 points in a decent effort.  Green was too banged up from the elbow and hip injuries he suffered on Thursday to play on Friday.  According to Inside Carolina he will have an MRI done to determine the extent of the injury:

Green was not quite as optimistic about his week’s performance on Friday morning.

“I think I played okay,” Green said. “The first game I didn’t do too well. I feel like I played the second game a lot better [and] was able to show a little bit off, but I was only able to show off a little of what I wanted to show. I didn’t get a chance to. I haven’t been healthy all week.”

The North Babylon, N.Y. product will have MRI's taken on his ankle and elbow on Saturday, and indicated that if the injuries prevented him from conducting his individual workouts then he will “most likely” return to North Carolina next fall.

But injuries permitting, Green plans to go through the entire process before making his final decision.

“The whole purpose in me coming down here was to get more individual workouts with teams, so hopefully some of the GM’s saw some things,” Green said.

Most likely?  What, pray tell, is Green going to do otherwise if he is unable to workout for individual teams?  I also think his draft stock(or lack thereof) is not going to improve if he is playing hurt.  There is only 16 days left and depending on the nature of his injuries it is going to be tough for him to perform at a high level in the workouts.  I think the writing is on the wall and I fully expect Green to be back.

As for Ellington, I think right now he will be back but he has 12 workouts planned which is a huge number considering there is only 16 days to get them all in.  You have to wonder what impact that will have on him in terms of fatigue.  There is a chance someone in that group could opt to grab him in the 1st round but I think the consensus out of the camp indicated Ellington can be a good NBA player but he needs another year to work on some aspects of his game.

Lawson is probably gone though he maintains he will return if he is not top 20.  At any rate we will know something in a little over two weeks.