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Heels Shutout Wake Forest

UNC knocked off Wake Forest 2-0 dropping the Deacs to 0-2 in the ACC Tournament and handing the ACC title game berth to Virginia since the Cavs will hold the tiebreaker over the winner of the FSU-UNC game today. That affair and the Wake-UVa game will completely meaningless games since neither of the results affect the outcome of the division.

The other division holds a little more drama with the possibility of three teams ending up at 2-1. They could happen if NCSU beats Miami and Georgia Tech knocks off woeful Clemson.  In the case of a three way tie, the regular season conference winning percentage decides the division winner (in this case Miami) which is to say that the three games played would have been meaningless since you end up allowing the regular season to decide it anyway.  NCSU has an outside chance of getting to the title game if they can beat Miami and Clemson can beat Georgia Tech.  The odds on either of those are fairly slim.

One thing I will say about the ACC Tournament format in baseball this season: A lot of worthless games and it is also very easy to basically eliminate yourself early on as UNC did by losing one game.  Then again I also think this creates less stress heading into the NCAA Tournament which is all the matters.