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Interesting Quote From Green

Junior not Senior.

Danny Green was interviewed by Draft Express and most of it is your normal fare of being exited about the process, trying to showcase your skils, yada, yada, yada.  Then there is this particular quote:

DraftExpress: With the team that could potentially be coming back to North Carolina next year, how much does the possibility of a championship play into your decision to declare?

Danny Green: I don’t know; if everyone came back it would be great. But also just looking at the statistics, everyone that tests the waters at North Carolina doesn’t always come back. So if everyone came back, with guys like Ty [Lawson] and Wayne [Ellington] I think we’d have a great chance to win a championship, but I just don’t see that coming. Of course I want to win a national championship, but my decision is going to reflect a lot off of what their decision is also; but we’ll see what happens.

It is interesting that Green does not think everyone is coming back which also means winning a title would be difficult on the basis of an incorrect assumption.  Green says "looking at the statistics, everyone that tests the waters at North Carolina doesn’t always come back" which would be inaccurate since no one has ever tested the waters at UNC before.  On top of that the process, in it's present incarnation, is new.  Brandan Wright declared and never intended to return despite not hiring an agent when he made the move.  Everyone before him was either in the draft or not, there was no option to return.  So I would be curious to see which "statistics" Green is using here.

I also happen to believe that if Wayne Ellington stays in the draft and Green has fairly low stock he will return since he knows he will be a starter which will garner the playing time he wants to make himself more marketable in next season's draft.