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NCAA Releases APR Data

For those of you who don't know APR stands for Academic Progress Rate and is a part of the NCAA's efforts to make sure schools actually graduate athletes. The report for UNC can be found here in PDF format. The men's basketball team scored a 995 based on a period from 2003 to 2007 which is fairly impressive when you consider there were five early entrants to the NBA Draft during that time. Apparently those players are keeping their academic standing up. Baseball also ranked highly with a 985 as did men's tennis, women's golf and fencing. The latter two scored a 1000. Among the sports at UNC scoring on the lower end were men's golf, men's track and women's soccer.

On a personal note, my alma mater, UNC Greensboro was penalized for poor ratings in men's basketball and baseball. I am willing to bet AD Nelson Bobb is not a happy man since I cannot count the number of times the student in student-athlete was emphasized during my three years of running cross country there.