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UNC Gets Late 2008 Commit

Apparently Alex Stepheson's scholarship was burning a hole in Roy's pocket so he offered it to Durham Jordan senior guard Justin Watts and he signed his LOI the today. Watts is not ranked in's top 100, is considered a three star recruit and had two offers from Rice and Stanford. In both those cases, a new coaching staff was making the offer. Feel free to interpret that however you wish.

Now the more panicky among us(read: message board folks) will point to Roy signing a three star guard with questionable ball handling and a perimeter shot as a sign the UNC staff knows for certain they are losing Lawson or Ellington or both. I am not seeing that...yet anyway. UNC had a scholarship to use with Stepheson transferring and they also need some more wing guards since the interior is stacked for years to come. It is also possible Roy sees something there and decided it was a good use of the scholarship.

Time will tell.