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Watts "Great Character Guy"

In the N&O writeup Dave Telep of had this to say about recently signed Justin Watts.

"The question at North Carolina, of course, is the opportunity he will get," Telep said.

"Justin is a very good, and everybody says he is a great character guy. He is a good guy to have on your team."

UNC coach Roy Williams has a history of populating his bench with players from the region. Telep cited junior reserve Michael Copeland as an example.

"The year Carolina signed Copeland, it had a lot of defections [to professional basketball]," Telep said. "UNC might be in the same situation this year."

The character issue is an overarching theme in Roy Williams' recruiting style.  Granted that is true for a lot of coaches but in Roy's case we are talking about character issues in the positive manner.  This is also a byproduct of stocking the cupboard with good recruits down the line that permits Roy to take a gamble on a talented local kid.

Meanwhile, JP Gilgio at ACC Now thinks Roy is hedging his bets on the departure of one of the three draft testers.  I am still not buying that though if I had to guess on who is leaving or staying at this point it would look like this:

Lawson: Probably leaving(I think the Denver Nuggets interest has legs)
Ellington: Even(No idea and no one is saying anything)
Green: Probably returning(based on Green, Sr's declaration that it was 1st round or return)

The pre-draft camp is next weekend.