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850 Interviews Greg Barnes From Inside Carolina

850 the Buzz's Bomani Jones talked with IC's Greg Barnes on Wednesday. Barnes was in Orlando last week for the draft camp and had numerous discussions with scouts about the three Tar Heels. It is an informative interview including some good questions from Jones such as:

1. Why does it seem when these guys declared Ty Lawson was the one who looked most likely to leave and now it seems like he is the most likely to stay?

2. Jones also raises whether or not the parental influence is playing a role here. He notes that Danny Green and Wayne Ellington have had fathers who were publicly involved and who also seem to be the most anxious to leave versus Lawson's parents who have been silent.

Barnes also discusses Roy's role in all of this and points out that he is still very much involved in the situation for all three.

Click on over there and take a listen.