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ACC Now: Weak Draft For ACC Points to Title

Well at least it has in two past instances.

In 2000 and 2004 the ACC had only one first rounder in the NBA Draft. The very next season yielded a national title in the form of Duke in 2001 and UNC in 2005. We will see if it happens a third time. Looking at the ACC on paper, the league did retain a good portion of talent, the problems for the 11 teams outside of Chapel Hill four of those players were Carolina blue.

It is interesting to note that this is not only about underclassmen being drafted high but seniors as well. Obviously the ACC will lose a whole slew of graduating players but out of the senior class only three were good enough to be drafted and that was in the middle to very late 2nd round. What that basically says, it the talent pool, while losing some good college players, did not take much of a hit in the high caliber NBA talent department. Also, the decision of various underclassmen to stay bodes well for the league as they try to get more than four teams into the NCAA Tournament.