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CWS: #2 UNC 8 #7 LSU 4

UNC did what the other three higher seeded teams in Omaha could not do and that was avoid being shellacked in their opening game. #1 Miami gave up four runs in the ninth to lose 7-4 to #8 Georgia. #4 FSU gave up 11 runs in the ninth to unseeded Stanford and #6 Rice was crushed by Fresno State. So UNC, by beating LSU 8-4 and doing so in a fairly businesslike fashion, looks the most focused among the favorites in Omaha.

Alex White once again did a great job of shutting down the opposing team and allowing the offense to post some runs. The Heels were never really threatened and Rob Wooten closed the deal to send UNC into the winners' bracket to face hot hitting Fresno State on Tuesday.