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CWS: UNC 4 Fresno St 3

We'll see you Sunday night.

UNC got a two run homer from Chad Flack in the bottom of the eighth, which he took a moment to admire before rounding the bases, giving UNC a one run lead after trailing all game.  However, the Heels are not even in position to take the lead if Alex White does not once again come in from the bullpen and throw straight gas.  White ended a bases loaded Bulldog threat in the seventh and from there held FSU in check by tossing flaming balls of hydrogen clocked in the mid nineties.

Now it all comes down to a game on Sunday to see who gets Georgia in the CWS Finals.  At this point UNC is setup a little better with their pitching.  Adam Warren should be available to start and Rob Wooten pitched very little Friday night and none at all this evening.  Contrast that to FSU tossing every pitcher they had out there in an effort to finish UNC off.  And why not?  According to Sean McDonough on the ESPN broadcast 12 of 16 teams that started 2-0 then lost the clinching game also go on to lose the next game eliminating themselves from the CWS.  UNC, facing their 3rd elimination game are used to the pressure whereas FSU will be contending with this situation for the first time.

I'd say that bodes well for UNC, but those aluminum bats make for some funky outcomes sometimes.