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Denver Cancels Lawson's Workout

According to Hoopsworld, the Nuggets have canceled Ty Lawson's upcoming workout with the team, presumably as a result of the alcohol related arrest on Friday morning.

To quote one of the IC posters: "Well....this could get interesting."

The obvious read on the cancellation is that the arrest last week did him in, that and the fact the previous violations have to be sorted out. The Nuggets also have Carmelo Anthony who was popped for DUI earlier this year so perhaps they did not want to introduction of similar questions.

Denver has been rumored to have assured Lawson he would be the #20 pick so it is possible they are choosing to proceed without the workout. However, there is more than just the workout involved during these visits by the player. They also do full interviews and if I recall correctly psychological tests.

The probable bottom line here is Denver has opted to pass on Lawson, even refusing to waste the time and money to bring him in. If other teams follow suit, Lawson might be back in Chapel Hill.