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Draft Camp Measurements

Draft Express has the measurements and results from various tests from the Orlando camp. Danny Green and Ty Lawson were not rated in some areas, possibly due to injury. Here are some of the more interesting numbers.

  • Danny Green is only 6-4.5 without his shoes but 6-6 with them.  Lawson and Wayne Ellington both measured an inch shorter than their listed heights of 5-11 and 6-4.
  • Lawson has a 35.5 inch vertical leap.  That is freaking amazing.  Ellington's vertical is 34.0 inches.  Green did not participate in this test which is a shame because I imagine his vertical would have been pretty least Greg Paulus thinks so.
  • Lawson did not participate in the 3/4 court sprint which, likewise is a shame, since I would like to have seen his time.  The best there was Sonny Weems in 2.96 seconds(all time record.)  Ellington posted 3.2 seconds on the sprint. Based on having seen Lawson and Ellington running the break together I would think Lawson could have bested Weems had he participated in the drill.
  • One of the tests is to see how many times the players can bench press 185 pounds.  As you might recall Brandan Wright failed miserably at this one(like I am one to talk.)  Among the Heels, Lawson and Green did it 14 times and Ellington did it seven.  No surprise there since Green and Lawson are so obviously built and Ellington is much thinner but still better than Wright was at it.
  • And one final interesting number: body fat percentage.  No Tar Heel was above six in this measurement which is to say all three are very lean and presumably in shape.

This is basically just interesting to look at but nothing earth shattering unless a player turned out to be way shorter than expected or something along those lines.  Jonathan Givony blogs about some of the players.  The two that stood out to me was DJ Augustin being on 5-10 without his shoes and his height being problematic in terms of his ability to be successful in certain aspects of his NBA game.  I presume based on this assertion that Lawson will be looked at the same way.

Davon Jefferson was another interesting case.  Jefferson stands 6-5 without his shoes and is 213 pounds.  Unfortunately for him there is not much in the way of muscle in that 213 since he had a body fat percentage of 12.0 and could only bench press 185 lbs twice.  Comparing Jefferson to Danny Green who is 6-4 without his shoes and 207 lbs but had a body fat of 5.2 and did 14 on the bench press.  I would say Jefferson took some hits based on his measurements alone.

Individual workouts are scheduled to begin today as Tar Heel Nation continues to wait.