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Ellington Talks Draft Status

Still undecided.

From WRAL following his workout with New Orleans:

The Tar Heel shooting guard says he has heard different projections from different teams.

"It's different, it's different from everybody. Some say 20-25, some say 20 on down to the end of the first round, some say I'm on the bubble. I get different feedback, but I'm gonna sit down when I'm done with my workouts and make a great decision."

Regardless of what he is hearing, Ellington still plans on waiting until the deadline to make a decision, and remains committed to returning to Chapel Hill if he feels he will not be picked with one of the first 30 selections.

"I wouldn't stay in the draft if I'm not in the first round, of course. Being a sophomore, there's no point in coming out if I can improve my draft status. But if I'm in the first round, in the position I would like to be in the first round, then I'll stay in the draft."

What I find interested is on one hand, you have Ellington saying he has been told he is on the bubble all the way up to 20. On the other hand not a single mock draft, which are based on what people like Chad Ford and Jonathan Givony hear from NBA folks, lists Ellington even in the 2nd round. Not that I think Ellington is a liar, I am just pointing out that what he is saying people have told him does not seem to line up with what the experts has supposedly been told.

So I am not sure what to make of his situation other than the possibility he is going to wait until the very last minute to make a decision.