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Green Could Opt Out Next Week

If things are not going well. From Jeff Goodman:

Don’t be surprised if the North Carolina wing makes the decision to return to school shortly after the Cavs workout – even though he has two more set up with Washington and San Antonio prior to the June 16 withdrawal deadline.

``If I’m not feeling good after the Cavs, I’m shut it down and pull out of the draft," Green said on Wednesday afternoon.

``The Toronto workout went OK," he added, which also included the likes of teammate Wayne Ellington, Malik Hairston, Courtney Lee, Shan Foster and Jamont Gordon. "The running and jumping is the hardest thing for me right now."

``I’m just trying to go into all the workout with a positive attitude and not make any excuses," he continued. "But I can’t do some things I want to do and it’s a little frustrating."

Green was a longshot before he injured his ankle, elbow and hip. The injuries make it nearly impossible for him to get on the radar. Hopefully he will make the decision to return and have an outstanding senior season.