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Green Has Hairline Fracture; Workouts Still On

And Danny Green, Sr. speaks! Again!

An MRI of Danny Green's elbow revealed a hairline fracture resulting from a fall during the 2nd game at draft camp.  Despite that injury and the fact he is less than 100% on his left ankle, Green is pressing on with his scheduled workouts.

"He's sore," Green Sr. said. "But he's a tough kid. I asked him if he wanted to relax and just go back to school ... but he said he wants to continue."

Green, who was already playing on a sore ankle, injured his elbow while attempting a dunk at the NBA pre-draft camp late last week. A previous MRI came back negative on the ankle, Green Sr. said, then another MRI on Saturday on the elbow revealed the slight fracture.

Green, one of the top sixth men in the country last season, has individual workouts scheduled with Toronto, Cleveland, Washington, San Antonio and Chicago, his dad said. His last workout is scheduled for June 13, so it won't be until close to the final deadline to pull out — June 16 — that Green decides whether to return to school. Green has said he'll likely stay in the draft if he thinks he will get a guaranteed contract.

Sophomore teammates Ty Lawson and Wayne Ellington are also going through individual workouts.

"He's having a great experience," Green Sr. said of his son. "Roy [Williams, UNC's coach] has been keeping in contact with him ... and Danny's just been playing."

Green Sr. final statement is telling with talk of his son "having a great experience" and the fact he is keeping contact with Roy Williams.  That might point to some kind of easing up on the part of the Greens.  You also have to consider the fact Green, Sr broached withdrawing to his son and the younger Green still wants to proceed as a sign this is all about the experience.  Granted they still say if Green is 1st round he will stay in the draft but at this point, with a pedestrian performance last week and playing hurt it would take a miracle or slightly insane GM to get a guaranteed deal.

And Green, Sr. is correct, his son is a tough kid.