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UPDATE: I really wish these people would make up their minds or at least present a unified front. Danny Green is now saying his father is basically wrong with his statement and that no decision has been made yet. Maybe he simply wants to meet with Roy to receive all the relevant information. Or maybe his father has opened his mouth in an ill advised fashion....again.

This according to the Fayetteville Observer quoting the ever loquacious Danny Green, Sr.

Via Inside Carolina:

“From the beginning, Danny told Coach (Roy) Williams he was in this for the experience,” Green's father, Danny Sr., told the Fayetteville Observer. “And he had a great experience going through the process.

“Danny was never trying to run away from Chapel Hill. He loves school down there, he loves playing basketball there and I think the right decision for him now is to go back to school.”

A UNC official informed Inside Carolina Friday afternoon that Green is scheduled to meet with head coach Roy Williams this weekend and official word was therefore expected on Sunday. Williams is departing Chapel Hill on Sunday afternoon to watch the Tar Heel baseball team in the College World Series.

This will need to made official by UNC on Sunday but I am fairly certain Green, Sr is not out there beating this drum if it were untrue. That being said, I find his first statement to be a few words I am not going to even write at this point considering his son's decision to return. Time to move on now regardless of what was said and thought over the past six weeks.

Just a cursory analysis of what this means for UNC. I think it is huge because Green brings a lot to the table. I will have more to say once we know what Wayne Ellington and Ty Lawson are doing.