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Green Says He Is "50-50"

Via the Washington Wizards:

On today’s workout:
"I think I did a lot better than I did in Orlando. I'm a lot healthier now. My ankle is feeling a lot better and I shot the ball pretty well."

On whether he is going to stay in the draft or head back to school
"I have not signed with an agent yet. I'm going to make my decision on Sunday. Right now I'm 50-50. We'll know in the next couple of days and I will make my decision on Sunday."

I am amused that the day I make predictions about the three players, the two I think are returning are quoted as being on the fence. I am not sure how Green is 50-50 unless he thinks he can get a contract out of a 2nd round pick and based on the teams he has worked out for or might still work out for it can be no better than 45th overall.

The way things are shaping up, Sunday is going to be high alert day here at THF. UNC is scheduled to play LSU in the College World Series on Sunday night and all three players could decide their basketball futures. Stay tuned.