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Heels Come Up Short in CWS...Again

Frustration, thy name this season is Fresno State who beat the Heels 6-1 to send UNC home for the summer.

A team with tons of injuries, a horrible team ERA and barely made it into the tournament somehow upends the top team in the nation. Some of that is the nature of baseball but when you have a "25 errors this season" shortstop looking like Ozzie Freaking Smith, it just is not meant to be.

The shocker in this CWS is the anemic nature of the UNC offense which came in crushing teams and in the CWS scored 8, 3, 7, 4 and 1 run in five games. The Heels could not hit worth a darn with runners on base, got caught with the bat on their shoulder for Ks so many times I lost count and when they did hit the ball it was right at a Fresno State fielder.

This was the story of the final game and UNC went to Alex White once too many pushing the sophomore past his limit. White showed a lot of heart but there is only so much one arm can give, especially if the bats are cold.

So we wait until next season in which UNC could be good but the way this tournament has unfolded I am not sure it really matters.