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Heels Resume CWS Game Tonight

I am starting to get the feeling UNC is snake bitten in Omaha.

The Heels open their elimination game with LSU Thrusday night by scoring two runs and had the bases loaded with one out against a pitcher who left all semblance of his control in Baton Rouge and the weather goes south. So with UNC leading 2-0 in the top of the first, play was suspended at the CWS and scheduled to resume today at 7 PM.

Under CWS rules, the game will pick up exactly where it left off. DH Garrett Gore will be facing an 0-1 count with one away and the bases loaded. LSU will likely bring out a different pitcher and since UNC never saw the field, Matt Harvey will be all set to pitch for the Heels. UNC could have broken the game wide open to start things off and now they have to come back and hope Gore can make something happen.

Also, frequent commenter Andy in Omaha Omaha and attended the game on Tuesday night. He offered this report in the comments section of a previous post:

THF, I can take it a little further. I was at the game on Tuesday, and it seemed like Ackley and Seager especially were willing to work the count too much and pass up on great pitches early in the count. Fresno State was jumping all over pitches in the strike zone and it killed us. I personally think that had the hitters been as agressive as they were in regionals and super regionals, this game would have had a much different outcome.

On a side note, I can’t even begin to tell you how many ABC’ers were at Rosenblatt. For the past three years I’ve been there, UNC is the least popular team there. I don’t know why, but it seems like you have the UNC fans and parents there, and then the rest of the stadium is against them. I even got a kick out of the Fresno State group sitting in front of us that looked back to my wife and I (who were decked out in UNC attire, of course) and started yelling that the baseball team is a bunch of chokers just like our “over rated” basketball team. Thankfully my wife kicked me before I could respond.

Pardon me while I laugh my rear end off at fans from a school that has not been in a NCAA Tournament in basketball since 2001 calling UNC overrated. Let's talk about how UNC has won 30 games in three of the last four seasons, been to two Final Fours, won the title and are the odds on favorite to do it again this coming season. And what has Fresno State done in basketball this decade? Well not much, that is when they were not banned from the postseason for academic fraud as was the case in 2003. So, any time you want to talk basketball Bulldogs fans, feel free to stop by here and we will teach you everything you need to know.