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Lawson Was Actually A No-Show At Denver[UPDATED]

UPDATE[2:17 PM]: The explanation via IC:

Lawson informed Haase that he was unable to make it to Sunday's workout in Denver, but wanted to reschedule. Haase contacted the Nuggets' office on Saturday. "Jerod left a number of messages stating Lawson would not be able to work out Sunday and asking to re-schedule for Wednesday or Thursday," Kirschner told IC. "Apparently those messages did not get through to Coach Karl ... it was just a mis-communication."

That probably should read: Lawson informed Haase that he was unable to make it to Sunday's workout in Denver because Lawson's father and mother were taking turns beating the ever living crap out of him. However that is just not very PC is it?


UPDATE[1:55 PM]: Even more bizarre than before. Joe Ovies at 850 just posted the real reason for Lawson's no-show or at least the one UNC is telling. UNC called the wrong number this weekend in an effort to reschedule his workout.

Ty Lawson’s no show? All just one big misunderstanding. Steve Kirschner, North Carolina’s Associate Athletic Director of Media Relations, called in this morning to clear up why the Denver Nuggets never saw Lawson during Sunday’s college player workouts. The Heels called a number on Saturday that the Nuggets basketball operations doesn’t check during the weekends.

So UNC tries to call Denver to reschedule but gets a number that no one checks on the weekend? I am just at a loss on that one. Anyway, who knows how missing that workout hurts Lawson since Kansas Mario Chalmers was there and the Nuggets likely wanted to see the two work against each other.

I also don't know whether to laugh or cry at this point.


Weirdest. Offseason. Ever.

According to the Denver Post, Ty Lawson was a no-show for his workout with the Denver Nuggets. Hoopsworld had previously indicated Denver canceled the workout, which they probably did since Lawson did not make an appearance.

Lawson, who was revealed last week, to be a no-show for all sorts of important dates such as ones in court, apparently decided to branch out into not showing up for his NBA workouts. And if you read the things George Karl had to say about the UNC PG, it sounds like he probably blew his big chance in this draft.

I definitely think he's going to be an NBA player," Karl said. "I'm sure he's going to make an NBA team someday. His decision is, will he do it this year or next year?"

"I like a guy that has been tutored in how to run," Karl said. "And (North Carolina coach) Roy (Williams) probably plays as fast as any coach in college basketball. Lawson throws the ball ahead. He throws the ball to scorers, which I think is something missing not only with the Nuggets but in the NBA. (Considering) his speed on the court, with our rules changes, (he) will be one of those players that can go anywhere he wants to go."

As this point I think Lawson is toast in this draft. Not only do you have the five traffic violations and missing court for the first three but now you have a complete no-show at a workout. I think teams are going to back the heck off him now and he now needs to decide what he wants to do. If he says he wants to come back, I am sure Roy would take him and I am also sure it would be with some serious conditions set forth to get his act together.

All of the snarking and such aside, Lawson obviously needs help. Granted we are not talking about using drugs or other crimes but it is readily apparent he needs to grow up. Another year at UNC would probably do the trick and he is part of the Carolina Family so it feels like there is an obligation to help him. So if he decides to come back, I, for one, welcome him. And not just because it helps UNC on the court. I also would like to see him overcome all of this and be a better player and citizen in the end. Championship or not.