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More Lawson to Denver Talk[UPDATED]

Rumors, rumors everywhere but not a drop to drink*

From Draft Express:

Talk continues to circulate that the Denver Nuggets have promised to select Ty Lawson with the 20th pick later this month. Lawson pulled out of the NBA pre-draft camp after just one day, citing a hip-pointer, but was seen shooting around and looking absolutely fine just a few hours before he was supposed to play. He stated that if he were to be projected to be drafted outside the top-20, he will return to North Carolina, making the Nuggets precisely his cut-off point.

This is not really new other than the assertion that he is a lock at #20. My question is if this is the case then:

1. Why does he continue to workout for other teams?

2. Why has he not hired an agent yet?

The answer to both is he is still hedging his bets but his interview with the Indy Star yesterday indicated he would wait until after his last workout on the 13th to decide what he is doing. And you also have to consider that this is still a rumor but one that has some legs based on what the Denver Post and ESPN's Chad Ford wrote a few weeks back.

Update: As one commenter points out, Lawson is now being listed as the 20th pick in DE's Mock Draft. I would take that as a solid indicator the rumor possibly has legs. No word on feet or toes however.

*Name the author and the work I am ripping off in the lead line.