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Stock Watch(6/2)

Heels look more like Enron than Google at this point.

At this point the two seemingly reliable mock drafts out there are Chad Ford at and Draft Express. I base this, in part, on the fact both mock drafts appear to be fairly consistent and well sourced though DE does not take team needs into account whereas Ford does. Now that the draft camp is finished, the mock drafts take on a little more meaning.

Ty Lawson

Chad Ford: Not in the 1st round
Draft Express: 27th overall

For all the talk of Lawson looking like the best player in Orlando, it is odd that Ford did not move him back into the first round.  Ford says he talked to nearly every team but apparently did not find one willing to take Lawson in the top 30 or he simply was not as impressed as others.  Perhaps the "hip pointer" business was a turn off.  There was no movement for Lawson in the DE mock.  He has been sitting at 27th for a good while with the top 20 being his alleged cutoff point.

Wayne Ellington

Chad Ford: Not listed in the 1st round
Draft Express: 2nd round in the 2009 Mock Draft

Yeah, Ellington's stock is basically worthless according to these guys.  DE had Ellington anywhere from 10th to 13th in the 2nd round until the camp.  Now Ellington is listed as the 6th pick of the 2nd round in their 2009 Mock Draft.  DE is probably assuming Ellington will return to school based on the fact some scouts liked Ellington but still think he needs one more year to really make it work.

Danny Green

Chad Ford: Not listed in the 1st round
Draft Express:
2nd round in the 2009 Mock Draft

With Green injuring his hip and elbow to go along with his gimpy ankle, it is fairly clear he will return to Chapel Hill.  Green entered this process with a mountain of doubt and skepticism concerning his skill set so much so DE has him as the 20th pick of the 2nd round in 2009. Being that far off the radar and hampered by injuries means he has little chance of making the necessary impression to get himself into the 1st round. Depending on how stubborn he and his father want to be about this with the plain truth out there will dictate when he makes the announcement he is returning.

At this point it would appear Lawson has the best shot of getting where he wants to be making his individual workouts very important.  In the end Ellington is really looking to impress just one team enough that they decided to take him making it a long shot.  As stated above, it is not a matter of "if" Green decides to return to school just a matter of "when."