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There Will Be Chemistry Questions

That is should Green(and others) return.

Take for example this commentary printed last week in the Greensboro News and Record which says Green's decision to enter the draft has created a "rift" at UNC. A rift that will undoubtedly destroy everything we have ever hoped for or believed in concerning UNC basketball.

It certainly seems as though Green would really, really like to turn pro, but will return to Chapel Hill if things really go south for him.

Returning might no longer be a simple matter, either. It looks as if there will have to be at least some bridge-building between Green and Roy. Ignoring the coach's advice is one thing. Implying your coach overlooked you in favor of your teammates is another.

That's not to say Danny Green can never go home again. Let's face it, if he doesn't stay in the draft, he'll need Carolina. And Carolina will need him, particularly if Lawson and/or Ellington stay in the draft. Someone has to shoot 3-pointers to keep Hansbrough from being triple-teamed. Green and Roy likely will get back on the same page.

Still, it sheds some interesting light on the behind-the-scenes stuff that goes on every year in major college basketball programs in the spring.

As much as fans — and writers — like to think that the players' primary goal is to get a national title ring and to give glory to the dear old school, it usually isn't. The goal is the NBA. And even though coaches usually publicly support their players when they declare for the draft, they know they don't get contract extensions based on how many former players are in the league.

They get paid to win.

Those conflicting goals are always there, behind the scenes. Sometimes, when a guy as blunt as Danny Green comes along, the rest of us are let in on the debate.

What Young is really saying is how excited he and other members of the media are to see a UNC player shooting his mouth off in the direction of Roy Williams. Simply put, this sort of thing does not go on at UNC which prides itself on making sure these kinds of disputes stay within the confines of the Dean Dome. The only other situation that came remotely close to what Green and Ty Lawson said last week came when Rashad McCants was taken out of context about college being a prison. Roy runs a tight ship and UNC operates the PR department in the "state run media" sort of way where spin and positives make up the bulk of what comes from Chapel Hill. That being said, Green in particular, did run afoul of the "Carolina Way" by airing the smelly socks which probably explains why I came down on him so hard in my response on this blog. Maybe it reeks of arrogance but this is not how things are done at UNC and yeah it throughly pissed me off.

Of course Roy was paying attention as J.P. Giglio at ACC Now pointed out. Giglio noted how much Green and Lawson were willing to say now that they were outside of Chapel Hill that is until they had dinner with Roy last Wednesday evening in Orlando.

During the season, under the watchful eye of Williams — and the UNC media machine — neither Lawson nor Green said anything remotely as interesting as they did this week in Florida where they were left to their own devices.

Ol' Roy likely took the opportunity to educate the group on the sanctity of the "Carolina Family" and remind them only cliches are permitted when conversing with the media.

Interestingly enough, the open spigot of comments from Green and Lawson stopped following a night out with the coach. However the flood of commentary and articles from the media on potential chemistry issues at UNC has probably just begun.

Assuming Green returns you can fully expect that at some point between now and the end of next season will see plenty of media musings on what happened this past April, how it was dealt with and if things are not going well questions about team chemistry. If Lawson makes it back the fan issue will arise again and if all three are back then people will discuss whether any of them are playing for the team or for themselves. This will be even more pointed should UNC lose more games than expected.

Of course, UNC is not one to sit idly by and I would not be surprised to see some Adam Lucas written piece at Tar Heel Blue addressing these issues. For the media this who period has provided a rare look behind the curtain at some genuine negativity in the UNC program. This infrequent lifting of the curtain coupled with the media's love for a trainwreck in progress means it will be pumped for all it is worth, much to my annoyance.

Speaking for myself, I am not worried about it. Roy took over the Doherty team and won a title with them, even getting the often outspoken McCants to buy into the system. I have no reason to believe otherwise where this situation is concerned, despite the high hopes our rivals might have to the contrary.