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THF's Top Twenty Seven Tar Heel Teams I Remember Seeing Play

How's that for a title.

I actually had planned a much larger off season of content like this but the draft process and the Tar Heel baseball team made the offseason far more entertaining than I had anticipated.  So here at the end of June, the actual dead season starts promising only to last about a month before we get actual football news.

Therefore, in an effort to fill the long July ahead I have decided to do one of those countdowns where I reveal a number allowing all sorts of in-depth discussion about each one while keeping you the reader on the edge of you chair awaiting the next one.  Or not, nevertheless it should be a good use of time.

As for why I have chosen only the past 27 seasons it is because I wanted to comment on teams I actually saw play.  Granted I saw very little of the 1982 and 1983 teams but I have a pretty good feel for how they stacked up.  In case anyone is wondering about criteria, I am using a variety of methodologies including NCAA finish, overall record, caliber of the roster and whatever I feel like at the time which basically means the wrong thing for dinner could garner the 1990 team a top ten ranking if I am not careful.

Feel free to stop by tomorrow for #27 which is so freaking easy I could have my five year old write it except she was in my wife's belly when that season went down.