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What Roy Told Ed Davis

I think we are going to love this kid.

From News14:

“Other schools, they were telling me I’m going to get 30 minutes a game, I’m going to get this, get that, like with my playing time and how I fit in, but Coach Williams never told me I was going to get anything. Roy told me everything that I needed to hear, not what I wanted to hear.”

Roy is not promising playing time or anything else for that matter and he is still blowing the doors off all the other coaches in college basketball on the recruiting trail.


Oh, and don't get Ed Davis angry, you won't like him when he is angry.

“He’s not one of those kids who’s going to come over and block your shot, scream in your face, you know, chest bump or anything of that nature… unless maybe you’ve provoked him,” McAloon said. “If you’ve provoked him, I’ve seen kids provoke him now in the last two years and when you do, it’s scary to watch him take it to that other level. I think that’s what Coach Williams will probably get out of him more than I did.”

Davis, like Marvin Williams in 2005, could be a nice surprise before it is all said and done.