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What Will Sunday Bring?[UPDATED]

UPDATE: The N&O's Caulton Tudor is reporting Green will make his decision on Monday since that is when he will meet with Roy. Apparently Lawson and Ellington will also announce on Monday as well.

North Carolina basketball player Danny Green said Sunday afternoon that he will wait until Monday before making a decision about his status in the June 26 NBA Draft.

Green, a rising senior and one of the Tar Heels' most productive performers in '07-'08, originally intended to reach a decision today. But a meeting between the player and Carolina coach Roy Williams, which had been tentatively schedule for Sunday, is now off until Monday. "After that, I'll decide," Green said Sunday. "I still can't say which way I'll go."

Williams was scheduled to take a flight from the Triangle to Omaha, Neb., Sunday. Carolina's baseball team will face Louisiana State Sunday night at 7 o'clock (Eastern) in the College World Series.

Two other Carolina underclassmen, guards Wayne Ellington and Ty Lawson, are also expected to decide about their draft status on Monday. Players have until 5 p.m. Monday to withdraw and maintain their college eligibility.

So, Monday this long freakish fiasco will be over.


Decision day for the Tar Heel Three? UNC also opens the CWS at 7 PM

First order of business. The continued ridiculous ramblings of Danny Green, Sr. who was quoted by the Fayetteville Observer as saying his son was returning to school. Since then Danny Green has denied a decision has been made and according to IC, Green, Sr will be quoted in the Durham Herald Sun Sunday morning as denying the whole quote:

Below is an excerpt from Jack Daly's column set to run in tomorrow's Durham Herald-Sun:

"There were reports Friday evening that had Green’s father, Danny Green Sr., saying that Green had made the decision to come back to the Tar Heels, but Green Sr. said Saturday night that that wasn’t the case.

"I didn’t say that," said Green Sr. "I don’t know where they got that from. I’m not sure what Danny’s going to do.""

This is beyond stupid at this point and I am calling this denial out as complete poppycock, mainly because Green, Sr. spoke at length with the Fayetteville Observer earlier in May and so there is no way the FO misquotes him. What likely happened is Green told his father that he was thinking of heading back to school but wanted to meet with Roy and check out all of the information. Green, Sr. who loves seeing his name in the paper ran with it and told the FO, with whom he is apparently friendly. I think Green is returning and when he does I hope he tells his father to stay away from the media.

On the Ty Lawson front, George Karl has told the Rocky Mountain News he thinks Lawson will return to school(h/t: BoulderHeel)

Nuggets coach George Karl believes the more likely scenario is North Carolina guard Ty Lawson, who worked out with the Nuggets on Tuesday, will choose to return to school for his junior year by the deadline Monday. Lawson, 20, was arrested June 6 and charged with driving after consuming alcohol. . . .

The question is whether that Karl's opinion or if he actually knows something. I think we can safely assume the Nuggets are not taking Lawson. The other question is if anyone else in the top 20 is taking him and if not, will Lawson adhere to his 20th pick cutoff.

The deadline for withdrawing is 5 PM on Monday, June 16th. However, all three players will talk to Roy about their situation and then decide which will have to happen before Roy leaves to see UNC in the CWS which starts at 7 PM Sunday night versus LSU. It would not surprise me to see all three decisions announced on Sunday due in part to Roy being out of town starting tomorrow afternoon and also to get it out of the way so focus could be placed on what the baseball team is doing in Omaha.

In light of the possibility that this whole pre-draft process fiasco will come to an end and the Heels playing in the CWS, Tar Heel Nation will be on edge for most of Sunday.