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ACC Basketball Schedule Breakdown

ACC Now has a breakdown of the ACC schedule for the upcoming basketball season. The order of things will be released in August but this will give you a glimpse of UNC faces in the ACC next season.


Twice: N.C. State, Duke, Miami, UVa, Md
Home only: BC, Clemson, GT
Road only: Wake, FSU, VT

Analysis: The visit to Winston-Salem might be the Heels only ACC loss next season.

The game at Duke probably carries as much risk as the Winston-Salem visit does in fact more so. I am fairly certain the Duke players will be well aware that Hansbrough, Green, Ginyard and Frasor will be there to collect the deed for Cameron should the Heels win a fourth straight game on Coach K court.  Of course the Duke crowd will be all about giving Ty Lawson grief about his traffic violations.  Miami is being hyped as possibly the 3rd best team in the ACC so playing them twice is no gift by any stretch.

On the other hand getting UVa and MD twice is absolutely a gift.  Regardless of what NCSU may have lost I always cast a wary look in the general direction of southwest Raleigh(granted I do that anyway but even more so between September and April)  Among the small favors on the schedule: No trips to Boston, Littlejohn or Atlanta since the latter two always seem like a death trap for UNC.

VT sports a young team and a good coach so Blacksburg will not be a picnic but at the same time should be completely winnable.  Playing at FSU promises to simply be annoying given the style of play you get from the Noles.  That leaves Wake Forest who will matchup favorably with the Heels but thankfully it is only once.  The question for that one will be "When?"  Who and when you play prior to that game could dictate how it unfolds and also if they stick it on at 3:30 on Saturday afternoon which is historically a poor timeslot for UNC to play.

Yeah, it is only doesn't it?