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Avatars, Archives And Ads, Oh My!

Some blogging/site maintenance business.

1. The avatars are working with one caveat: Internet Explorer, being the suckity browser it is, wants to push them too far to the right off the comment area a bit which does not look great and I will be working to resolve it though given how I feel about IE, probably not too much effort.  I use Firefox and I will go ahead and state for the record that THF is best viewed using Firefox which can be downloaded here for free.

As for the avatars, go to your Profile page and at the bottom there is an option to upload a picture which must then be approved by me to make sure you people don't post any pictures of things I do not want to look at on a regular basis. In other words be tasteful about what you upload.

2. It came to my attention that the archives were not available.  At the top of the page there is a link called "Older" which takes you back into the scary past of THF.  Apparently this was producing a blank page.  The culprit was a plugin I used to "share" the post.  I have now switched to a different plugin that does the same thing(hence the icons below the post) and now the archives work.

3. Yes, Google ads continue to produce some interesting ads on the site.  The latest is for John McCain which leads me to state that the blog THF does not endorse any candidate or position other than that of Chapel Hill for Titletown and Tyler Hansbrough for an ESPY.

As always please direct any and all questions to