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Deunta Williams Sets Sights on ACC Football Title

In what I am sure will be spun by NCSU fans and others as a "Gavin Grant" moment, UNC safety Deunta Williams told the media at ACC Kickoff that the Tar Heels will win the ACC Championship in football.

Via ACC Now:

Clemson and Virginia Tech will be picked as the favorites to win the ACC by the gathered media at the Reynolds Plantation for the ACC Kickoff but UNC sophomore Deunta Williams has another idea.

"I feel like we'll win the ACC this year," said Williams, a safety. "I'm not trying to disrespect anybody but that's what I feel like is going to happen."

Now the primary difference between what Williams said the bodacious prediction from Gavin Grant is that Grant said NC State could contend for a national title and only lose four games in the process.  Williams is not being nearly that grandiose though one might concede that winning an ACC title in football after going 4-8 last season is along the same lines.

As one of my professors in seminary used to say, "it's possible but is it probable?" I actually think it is possible.  The Coastal Division is weak and if UNC could steal a win against Virginia Tech in Chapel Hill then there is a slim chance they get themselves into the title game and who knows after that.  Personally, I think they will end up 7-5 overall and either 2nd or 3rd in the Coastal.  That being said you have to like Williams' enthusiasm and he is basically telling the truth.  No one comes into the season thinking about doing anything but winning a championship.  Heck, even Duke players probably feel that way.