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Ginyard: Kill The Lawyers

Well, he didn't say that but his bench warrant was apparently the result of his lawyer not showing up for his court date.

Via ACC Now:

Ginyard said the reason he didn’t show up for his scheduled court date for two misdemeanor charges on violating a noise ordinance and driving with an expired license — thus, earning the warrant — was that he hired a lawyer to do it for him. And the lawyer didn’t show up.

Ginyard is next scheduled to appear in Orange County District Court on July 22.

“Your house is dirty, you hire a maid to come clean it,’’ said Ginyard, a rising senior. “You pay someone $15 dollars to wash your car when it goes to the car wash, so when it comes out on the other side you expect it to be clean. So you can’t make your court date, and you hire a lawyer to go to court for you – and he doesn’t go. I don’t know how else to put it. …. We’re handling it, and it will all be taken care of soon.”

I have actually heard of this kind of thing happening to people and it crossed my mind in this case. In the two cases where I have retained a lawyer to deal with traffic violations(not mine) I found it difficult getting in contact with them to find out if they actually showed up or not. In one instance they had the case continued for a few months. So through no fault of his own Ginyard gets tagged with not showing up to court and finds out while working on an internship in New York.

The upside it is a minor charge and I am sure his lawyer will do some fancy legal tap dancing to resolve the situation.