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Odds and Ends: Bench Warrant Edition

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  • Marcus Ginyard apparently had to turn himself over a bench warrant issued for his missing a court date in June. It seems that Ginyard was cited for an expired inspection sticker and violating the noise ordinance in October. Of course playing your stereo at any volume with the windows rolled down will get your a noise ordinance violation in Chapel Hill. I am not sure what is up with UNC players missing court dates. Someone buy these guys a Blackberry stat. I am also waiting for a judge in San Antonio to issue a bench warrant for failure to show up on the court in the Final Four.
  • Andy Katz discusses the new three point line and focuses a great deal on how frightened and confused players will be if they play on a court that has the men's and women's line. This allegedly will require oodles of mental preparation. Among the other horrors described are missed calls by refs resulting in time consuming reviews and someone losing a game to Duke at Cameron over it. Okay I made that last one up. Anyway, Roy loves the new line and the fact they left the lane where it was at because UNC has Tyler Hansbrough who will feast on opposing defenses that will now take a bit longer to drop a double team. He also said The Two Tylers, Hansbrough and Zeller will be chunking threes as well which will result in Digger Phelps' head exploding. Someone advise Jay Bilas to move a foot to the right to avoid the spattering of brain matter(I know, I know "What brain matter?) Anyway, I will say that if Tyler Squared is effective at hitting threes then God have mercy on the ACC.
  • Gary Parrish is most likely stirring the pot with this one for the sake of some web traffic goodness. Note he does say nice things about Tyler Hansbrough and has high hopes for his pro career. However, Stephen Curry cannot possibly be the face of college basketball. Junior high basketball maybe, but not college basketball(and please realize this is because he looks like he is 12 not plays that way)
  • It is possible that we will get David and Travis Wear confused at least 20 times while they are at UNC and if I were Roy I would have them swap jerseys in the locker room at halftime just to screw with the other team.