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Odds and Ends: eBay Edition

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I occassionaly use the Odd and Ends post to cover a few stories I want to comment on but do not feel like doing my Tolstoy imitation is breaking down. I realized last week it makes a nice "close out the week" feel to it I think I will make it a weekly occurrence. That is assuming I get around to it and life, work or playing too much disc golf does not get in the way. So here it is for this week.

  • Alex Stepheson has apparently decided to transfer to USC.  Stepheson left Chapel Hill to be closer to his ailing father.  Unofficially, the perceived lack of playing time next season also factored in I am sure.  USC could probably use the help but I would be lying if I said I was happy to see Stepheson go to a program with questionable business going on around it.  All the best to the former Heel and hopefully the NCAA will not get cute with the brackets should the Trojans make it back to the NCAA Tournament next season.
  • There is a fabulous(read: not fabulous) 2005 NCAA Championship ring for sell on eBay that, according to ACC Now, belonged to David Noel at some point.  Based on what I can discern, the NCAA hands out rings like this one to the players.  The schools themselves also produce a championship ring which has, shall we say, considerable more "bling" on it.  Still the ring on eBay is still selling for some serious cash despite it being a boring and generic like the NCAA itself. UPDATE: According to IC, the ring was stolen from David Noel's house in Durham. Apparently the thief is stupid enough to post it on eBay.  A poster at IC contacted the seller and found out it was Noel's and from there UNC officials were made aware of it leading a stolen goods report being filed with the Durham PD
  • The N&O has a nice feature on Sean May and Marvin Williams working to finish their degrees which is an impressive feat, especially for Williams who had three years left when he made his move to the NBA.  To show up every summer and go to class when you are sitting on the money he is getting takes some dedication.
  •'s Luke Winn has his "fearless predictions" for the 2008-09 basketball season.  Here is prediction #25: North Carolina won't win the national ti-- wait. That would be the most fearless pick of all. But I'm not about to confuse fearlessness with stupidity.