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Odds and Ends: Luxury Suites Edition

Every Friday, I do a little housekeeping and highlight some items out there in the media from the previous week.

  • The Board of Trustees has approved the expansion of the Kenan Stadium complex.  The first phase is to add two floors to the Kenan Football Center which will add room for various team needs and "16-20 luxury boxes" which Kenan presently does not have.  Apparently UNC and Duke are the only ACC schools lacking luxury suites in their football stadium.  The fact UNC has been compared to Duke in football at any level is a fairly shameful development.  This phase is supposed to be completed before the 2009 season.
  • Doug Gottlieb ranks the top ten basketball programs since 1984-85.  UNC comes in #2 behind Duke mainly because Duke has one more national title and is slightly better when it comes to 30 win seasons, NCAA Tournament wins and Final Four and Sweet Sixteen appearances.  Tough to argue with the numbers in between the nauseous heaves of seeing Duke ranked a slot above UNC.
  • Also in the rankings done by Gottlieb, the ACC ranks 3rd behind the Big East and Big Ten/Eleven.  However if you remove the three expansion teams because let's face it at least two of them suck in basketball(historically speaking) the ACC is easily #1.  Now I know expansion has been deemed a success because of the money, blah, blah, blah.  That still does not mean I am not going occassionaly gripe about the unbalanced schedule and the fact the league has been watered down in basketball somewhat.
  • Dick Baddour showed Sylvia Hatchell the money and the board of trustees approved it keeping the UNC women's coach in Chapel Hill probably until she is ready to quit or UNC actually beats Tennessee in a Final Four and wins a national title.  Whichever comes first.
  • The THF Countdown enters the Top Ten on Monday which should be fun considering the remaining ten teams are a combined 314-43 with eight Final Fours and three national titles.