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Our Long National Nightmare Is Over[UPDATED]

UPDATE: The Charlotte Observer is reporting that Packer is done broadcasting college basketball. Packer released a statement in conjunction with CBS' confirmation of their decision not to bring him back saying "In the history of nationally televised basketball, I've done probably 90 percent of the great games, so I don't want to be going to do games of a different status, so I have no interest in that..."

Hard to argue the point. If he is slated to do only ACC games how many great games can he expect? Duke-UNC once a year? The ACC Tournament? I would imagine it is difficult to go about the regular season schedule knowing you are done after the conference season concludes.

So farewell Billy. I would say it has been fun or something like that but it really hasn't.


According to the Miami Herald, CBS is set to announce that Billy Packer aka [UNNAMED ANALYST] here at THF has called his last college basketball game on CBS. Somewhere I have to think Tyler Hansbrough is laughing.

College basketball commentator Billy Packer, who has announced 34 consecutive Final Fours on network television and created a few controversies along the way, will not be returning to CBS for a 28th season, The Miami Herald has learned.

CBS has decided to replace Packer, 68, with studio analyst Clark Kellogg on its lead announcing team.

An announcement is expected Monday, but CBS representative Leslie Anne Wade confirmed the story Sunday night.

CBS believed the time was right for a change and that Kellogg deserved a chance to work with Jim Nantz on the lead team.

Clark Kellog? Really? I am sure that will be better in terms of the whole not having a curmudgeonly and bitter old man calling the game but sticking Kellog in there because you think he deserves a shot sounds like one of those promoting from within the family deals that never work out.

Of course what does this mean for Packer going forward? Since he has been freed of his CBS obligations which had him doing some regular season games and the NCAA Tournament is it possible he will be doing more regional ACC games now? Or even worse than that: Would ESPN/ABC give him a slot and reunite him with Brent Musberger? Nothing would shock me, but having to listen to Musberger-Packer might be more than I can handle.