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The Comical Art of Dunking

The blog The Athlist posted a YouTube list called 20 Ways To Die While Dunking A Basketball. It is a fairly humorous set of videos but the best one is #20:

20. Being a Duke basketball player (Greg Paulus) and flopping. If the reDEEM team makes one flop in their Olympic run, I will refuse to watch again. We’re Americans and we jump OVER floppers (i.e., Vince Carter in the 2000 Olympics). The only thing more dangerous than a horrible athlete coming up with creative ways to reach the rim is the horrible athlete throwing his body in front of an airborne opponent. That’s right Duke, while the other 19 dunk attempts ended horribly, nothing is more embarrassing than a no-called flop.

Well said. Now I will publish this post and resist the urge to post Danny Green's dunk again.