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The Importance Of Reading The Whole Box Score

Luciana Chavez went through the trouble of posting this little tidbit about Duke 2009 recruit Mason Plumlee who is playing in the US U18 team in Argentinia:

Mason Plumlee, a 2009 Duke recruit, seems to like international competition.

Plumlee tallied the only double-double with 14 points and 14 boards — FYI big guy, Duke needs that kind of work on the boards when you get out to Durham — for the USA at the FIBA Americas U18 Championships in Formosa, Argentina on Tuesday.

Well good for him. Hey, Ms. Chavez, you know who else is on that team? Try three UNC 2009 commits and they seem to be doing pretty good in their own right. In the game mentioned above against the Bahamas, Travis Wear actually led the US in scoring with 15 points. His win brother David Wear recorded nine as did future UNC SG Leslie McDonald.

In the 1st game for the US against Venezuela, Travis Wear led the US in scoring with 15 points and also recorded seven boards, three steals and two blocked shots. David Wear did not score and only played four minutes in this one. McDonald ended up with six points. Plumlee had eight points and eight rebounds.

In my opinion it seems a little short sighted to talk about the one Duke recruit on the US U18 team and ignore the three UNC recruits, especially when one of them is the team's leading scorer.